This 190 page Kickstarter funded graphic novel is printed on high quality binding and finish. Both, soft and hard cover editions, have a beautiful silky smooth matte cover with a gorgeious UV spot title logo. Printed in the good old USA. Don't miss your chance to order a copy today.


This illustrated fantasy is narrated in a criss-cross style setting between The Matrix and Hayao Miyazaki’s Wind and Valley of Nausicaa. The story is swarming with zombie robots, crystal eating fairies, mutated spice plant soldiers.



A once peaceful but now war-torn world, Ravenika is an alternate universe ripped apart by three kings fighting for each other’s land, riches, and power. In an attempt to save his abducted wife, Kaz, a socially awkward Brooklynite, is mysteriously transported to this desolate and dangerous world where he must restore peace among these familial foes if he ever hopes to return home.

The Foreigner Book One

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