"The art by Okabayashi is fascinating, vivid, and gorgeous. Altogether, an adventure where one can escape into
a world not unlike our own."

Pharoh Miles, Graphic Policy


Book One

This fantasy graphic novel is a tale about Ravenika, a war-torn world ripped apart by three powerful brother kings and their queens battling for each other’s share of land and riches.

Not one of them would have expected that Kaz, a bewildered human who was mysteriously transported to Ravenika while attempting to save his kidnapped wife, would be the one to forge peace among them.

For Kaz in particular, the stakes are high:

Restoring peace to Ravenika is his only way home.

This 190-page high quality full color fantasy graphic novel created by comicbook artist in Brooklyn, comes in a gorgeous smooth matte satin finish cover with a stunning UV spot logo in front. Printed in USA, each illustrated book is personalized with the option of upgrading to a limited hard cover edition. 


PrESs REviEws

"Kensuke does an amazing job with this book. The artwork is lush and beautiful, and the story is one of exploration and a journey into one’s own emotions, not just a journey in the physical sense. I loved Book One of The Foreigner and I am anxiously waiting for word on Book 2. If you are looking for an imagination that explodes on the comic page, and a fantastic read to boot, then do yourself a favor and pick this book up."


FOReignEr WebCOmiC

I'm excited to present my first web comic on the characters' origins from The Foreigner. This preliminary black and white series will focus on their personal histories leading up to Book One. It will be later released in print format full color as part of my Kickstarter Book Two reward tiers.

The first web comic, The Empty Vessel, features the main character, Kaz, which takes place before he meets his soon to be wife, Anya.

    (origins of KAZ)


  • (origins of GARM)

    (origins of ACEDIA)


Kensuke Okabayashi is a professional freelance illustrator and comicbook artist in Brooklyn. Clients include Magic The Gathering, Lego, Marvel Entertainment, and Walt Disney Star Wars. His publications include Manga for Dummies, Figure Drawing for Dummies, and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Manga Edition).


Kensuke received his BFA in illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. With both traditional and digital professional working experience, Kensuke’s portfolio includes a unique range of production art, in addition to personal works.

Kensuke lives in the Bayridge neigborhood with his wife, two children, and a pet fish named Oscar. He is diligently working on his second Kickstarter graphic novel, The Foreigner Book Two launching soon (click here to see the original Kickstarter campaign for Book One https://kck.st/2TJWQkK.)


Visit Kensuke’s portfolio at www.KensukeArt.com and follow him on Instagram: @KensukeArt.

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This 190 page Kickstarter funded graphic novel is printed on high quality binding and finish. Both, soft and hard cover editions, have a beautiful silky smooth matte cover with a gorgeious UV spot title logo. Printed in the good old USA. Don't miss your chance to order a copy today.


This illustrated fantasy is narrated in a criss-cross style setting between The Matrix and Hayao Miyazaki’s Wind and Valley of Nausicaa. The story is swarming with zombie robots, crystal eating fairies, mutated spice plant soldiers.



A once peaceful but now war-torn world, Ravenika is an alternate universe ripped apart by three kings fighting for each other’s land, riches, and power. In an attempt to save his abducted wife, Kaz, a socially awkward Brooklynite, is mysteriously transported to this desolate and dangerous world where he must restore peace among these familial foes if he ever hopes to return home.

soft cover

hard cover

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Origin story of Kaz.